One day fair. Hundreds of artists.

The Penrod Arts Fair® has celebrated arts and culture. As one of the nation’s largest single-day art fairs, the September event features over three hundred talented artists.

Looking for a particular artist or medium?  Artists List for 2016 listed below!

First Name Last Name Discipline Weblink
Meyer Abrams 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Carol Adamson Textile/Fiber/Leather
Glenna Adkins Acrylic
Anna Afshar Watercolor
Victoria Alvarez Jewelry
Robert Anderson Photography (Standard & Digital)
Robert Anderson Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Rhonda Andrews-Woodruff Acrylic
Carolyn Aylward Jewelry
Deborah Bahm Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Beverly Baker Jewelry
Josh Baker Photography (Standard & Digital)
Cristal Baldwin Pastel/Pencil/Charcoal
Melissa Banks Jewelry
Martha Banting Jewelry
Juan/Daniel Barreneche/Schemel 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Carol Bell Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Phil Berger Jewelry
Patricia Bergman Jewelry
Seth Bickis Glass & Glass Sculpture
Ed Bladen Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Bonnie Blandford Jewelry
Don Bodenberg Jewelry
Andrea Bojrab Oil
Rosey Bolte 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Suzanne Bowles Jewelry
John Boyett Glass & Glass Sculpture
Anne Brahaum Glass & Glass Sculpture
Joel Brokaw Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Cathy Brown Jewelry
Peter Brown Textile/Fiber/Leather
Kwang Cha Brown Oil
Anna Brown Textile/Fiber/Leather
C Melissa Buckey Jewelry
Andrew Burian Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Mary Burke Acrylic
Marshall Burns 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Kristin Busch Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Clay Bush Textile/Fiber/Leather
Treffry Caldwell Jewelry
Treffry Caldwell Jewelry
Bekki Canine 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Carol Caron Textile/Fiber/Leather
Laurie Schirmer Carpenter Oil
Claudia Carreon Jewelry
Amy Carroll 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Darron Chadwick 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Shaun Clanton Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Romy Clare 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Beth Clark Jewelry
Kathleen Clausen Jewelry
Ron Clevenger 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Dick Close Watercolor
William Colburn Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Sierra Cole Textile/Fiber/Leather
Kelly Cole Textile/Fiber/Leather
Constance Collins Textile/Fiber/Leather
Derek Collins Acrylic
James Connolly Glass & Glass Sculpture
Julie Conrad Jewelry
Marilyn Cook Jewelry
Vicki Cook Jewelry
Robert Coomer Photography (Standard & Digital)
Venus Cramer Jewelry
Bradley Cross Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Josh Crow Oil
Kendall Crowley Acrylic
keith culley Jewelry
Bonnie Currens Textile/Fiber/Leather
Jessica Daman Jewelry
Derek Dammann Photography (Standard & Digital)
Michael Dandrea Jewelry
Douglas David Oil
Michael Davis Photography (Standard & Digital)
Dawn De Santo Textile/Fiber/Leather
Judy DeGan Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Doug Delind Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Brad Devlin 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Aaron Dickinson Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Joanie Drizin Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Zhen Zhong Duan Oil
Rick Dubbs Photography (Standard & Digital)
Joseph Dumas Stonework & Stone Sculpture
Thomas Dumke Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Leah Dziewit Textile/Fiber/Leather
Michael Ediza Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Adam Egenolf Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Robert Eickholt Glass & Glass Sculpture
Kirstin Eismin Jewelry
Lee Ellis Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Jana Epstein Photography (Standard & Digital)
Rich Ernsting Watercolor
Kathleen Gray Farthing Oil
Leslie Fawcett Jewelry
Todd Feazell Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Deborah Fehrenbach Jewelry
Karl Feng Watercolor
Denise Fenoglio Jewelry
Nancy Fermanian Jewelry
Carol Ferony Pastel/Pencil/Charcoal
Wendy Ferris Jewelry
Angelo Fico Glass & Glass Sculpture
Paul Flack Pastel/Pencil/Charcoal
Linda Flodder 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Beth Forst Oil
Tad Frahm Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Julie Freeman-Burch Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Joel Fremion 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
David Frohbieter 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Rosario Garcia Jewelry
Karen Gaski Jewelry
Chas Gerding Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Ted Gilmer Textile/Fiber/Leather
Julia Gilmore Oil
Shannon Godby Acrylic
Lizz Godfroy 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Judy Goskey Jewelry
Jasen Goslin Photography (Standard & Digital)
Shari Grace Pastel/Pencil/Charcoal
Keith Grace 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Russell Grace Photography (Standard & Digital)
Sylvia Gray Textile/Fiber/Leather
Jessica Green Oil
James Greene Textile/Fiber/Leather
Brian Greer Jewelry
Rick Greiner Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Eric Grimes Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Lyndi Grubb Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Amy Gunderson Textile/Fiber/Leather
Heather Haase Jewelry
Lesley Haflich Oil
Britt Hallowell 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Cherie Haney Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Randall Harden Oil
C.A. Harris Textile/Fiber/Leather
Susan Harum Jewelry
Dawn Hatzidakis Jewelry
Debbie Heidelberger Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Gayle Herrli Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Suzette Hetrick Jewelry
Rebecca Higgins Acrylic
Chris Hildenbrandt Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Addie Hirschten Oil
Elizabeth Holliday Textile/Fiber/Leather
Deborah Hoover Acrylic
Nancy Hopkins Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Elliott Hubbard Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Lloyd Hughes Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Ron Huhn Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Rebecca Hungerford Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Kathleen Hunt 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Nathan Hunter Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Lisa Inglert Jewelry
Paul James Photography (Standard & Digital)
Donna Virnig James Behmke Watercolor
Megan Jefferson Oil
Kelly Jenkins Jewelry
Robert Jones Photography (Standard & Digital)
Linda Jones Jewelry
Scott Jones Textile/Fiber/Leather
Benjamin Jordan Jewelry
Chylene Kampenga Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Nancy Keating 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Tim Kennedy Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Deborah Kennedy Textile/Fiber/Leather
Elizabeth Kenney 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Terri Kern Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Jonathan Kesler Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Tiffany Kimmet Photography (Standard & Digital)
James Klinger Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Christina Kober Designs Jewelry
Marina Kontorina Watercolor
Jim Kramer Photography (Standard & Digital)
Kittie Kubacki Jewelry
Jimmy Langford Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Hewook Lee Oil
David Lee Glass & Glass Sculpture
Jon Lee Jewelry
Gabriel Lehman Acrylic
Sara Lenart Jewelry
Roxy Lentz Jewelry
Bruce Levi Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Oksana Liubiceva – Pickens Acrylic
Elan Smadar Livne Acrylic
Zenon Llusco 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Jamie Locke 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Cheryl Lorance Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Gary Love Photography (Standard & Digital)
Rebecca Lowery Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Margaret Luttrell 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Judy Lynn Papermaking & Book Arts
Chris Maher Photography (Standard & Digital)
Heidi Mandich Jewelry
Hong Mao Oil
Byron & John Marks Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
James Marsh Photography (Standard & Digital)
Veronica Martens Jewelry
Taylor Mazer Pen/Ink
BJ McHugh Textile/Fiber/Leather
Brian McKelvey 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Jennifer Meeker Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Ron Mellott Photography (Standard & Digital)
Dawn Middleton Jewelry
Heather Miles 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Mary Mindiola 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Phyllis & Jerry Minnery Jewelry
Royal Miree Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Steve Mitchell Jewelry
Kristin Moger Pen/Ink
Mary Moore Jewelry
Brian Moore Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Bruce Moore Watercolor
Susan Morgan Textile/Fiber/Leather
Annette Morrin Jewelry
John Mroczek Jewelry
Damen Mroczek Jewelry
Martha nahrwold 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Greg Neal Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Nancy Neville Oil
Pamela Newell 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Pam Niccum Glass & Glass Sculpture
Carolina Niebres Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
David Nugent Jewelry
Pat O’Brien Jewelry
Cameron Oehler Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
David Oleski Oil
Barb Opferman Acrylic
Emma Overman Acrylic
Diane Overmyer Oil
Sharon Owens Glass & Glass Sculpture
Thomas Pabst Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Keun Park Oil
Anne Parks Oil
Armando Pedroso 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Megan Perry Acrylic
Diane Perry Textile/Fiber/Leather
Jeanmarie Petro Jewelry
Sally Phillips Jewelry
Brian Phillips 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Cappi Phillips Glass & Glass Sculpture
Wanda Pitzele Jewelry
Darren Plante Photography (Standard & Digital)
Matthew Platz Photography (Standard & Digital)
Don Poff Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Kelli Pope Jewelry
Gregory Potter Acrylic
Jennifer Pottner Jewelry
Nena Potts Jewelry
Jamie Prell Morath 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Paul Prorok Photography (Standard & Digital)
Donna Provo Leuck 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Lesley Rahner Jewelry
Frosty Rankin Acrylic
Marjorie Rawson Jewelry
Marie Reamer Photography (Standard & Digital)
Lisa Regan Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Bob Reiberg Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
J.J. Reichert Textile/Fiber/Leather
James Reveal Oil
Debra Riegling Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Dave Riley Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
S. Robbie Robinson Textile/Fiber/Leather
Jeff Rottman Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Samuel Ruder 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Barbara Rush Acrylic
Juana Ryan 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Bobbi Samples Oil
Jill Santa Rossa Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Roxanna Santoro Jewelry
Katie Sasser Jewelry
Shinichi Sato Acrylic
Joan Schapley Jewelry
Robert Schippnick Oil
Carl Schneider Jewelry
Joan Schulte Photography (Standard & Digital)
Julie Schwarz Photography (Standard & Digital)
John Sellberg Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Kathy Sheldon 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Lavana Shurtliff Jewelry
Anne Simon Glass & Glass Sculpture
KP Singh Pen/Ink
Suphattra Joy Sloup 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Carol Snyder Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Christian South-Alderson Textile/Fiber/Leather
Kyle Spears Photography (Standard & Digital)
Sharon Spry Jewelry
Aly Stacy Textile/Fiber/Leather
Pete Steele Jewelry
William Steffen Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Jane Ann Steiner Textile/Fiber/Leather
Nicole Stevens Acrylic
Susan Stewart Glass & Glass Sculpture
Jason Stoddart Photography (Standard & Digital)
Ruth Stoner Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Linda Surace Textile/Fiber/Leather
Jen Swearington Textile/Fiber/Leather
Lynne Tan Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Cat Tesla Acrylic
Mark Thogerson 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Jill Tortorella Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Wayne Trinklein Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Lindsey Tull Oil
Dan Tye Photography (Standard & Digital)
Laima Urban Oil
Marilyn Vaillancourt Jewelry
Marjolyn Van der Hart 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Paul Van Duyn 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Kathryn Van Sciver Textile/Fiber/Leather
Mary Veazie Acrylic
Lisa Vetter 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
David Vigo Metalwork & Metal Sculpture
Justin Vining Oil
Jayne Vinsant Jewelry
Jeff Vollmer Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Robert Von Letscher 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Robert Wallis Photography (Standard & Digital)
Mark Waninger Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Denise Ward Jewelry
Sissy Watson Jewelry
Carol Watson Jewelry
Larry Wayman Jewelry
Scott Weaver Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Janet Webb Jewelry
Jay Wennersten Printmaking
Meredith Wenzel Glass & Glass Sculpture
Diane Wibbels Textile/Fiber/Leather
Laurie Wilihite 3D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Timothy Williams Oil
Lisa Williams Jewelry
Ben Wilson Woodworking & Wood Sculpture
Megan Winn Papermaking & Book Arts
Dennis Wischmeier Acrylic
Ernest Wood III Oil
Glenn Woods Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture
Jerry Yang Textile/Fiber/Leather
Sabrina Zhou Oil
Bart Ziegler Jewelry
Jacob Ziolkowski 2D Mixed Media & Miscellaneous
Monica Zunino-Mel Acrylic
Stutz Artists Gallery Tent
CCA Gallery Multiple Disciplines